Frequently Asked Questions


What size do I need? 

Check our size guide page where you can find the size chart. 

How long will shipping take? 

We ship worldwide & our warehouse is based internationally. It usually takes 2-3 weeks for your order to arrive for UK orders. Orders to other countries will vary. 

Can I wear my costume in the sea/pool? 

They are made for water, you can swim, surf & do any watersports activities in them.

Can I order different tops and the same bottoms?

Yes and you don't need to pay again for the bottoms! At the checkout you can add which style swim pants you want or you dont have to add any at all!

Can you remove the skirt from the bottoms? 

The skirt is attached and cannot be removed. 

 Do the swim pants and top come together as one outfit?

No, the swim pants (attached skirt) and the swim top need to be purchased  and added to the basket seperatley. This is because there are 2 designs for the swim pants you can choose from.